Releasing in faraway Q4 2010, the game allows a player to make decisions throughout an aspiring pirate character’s life, beginning in childhood, that dictate the type of pirate the character will be: swashbuckling and good (“Legendary”) or cursed and evil (“Dreaded”).
Razorfish’s pitch for the online campaign involved two mirror sites (one good, one evil) as checkpoints for a nationwide “treasure hunt.” Participants could collaborate with each other, and receive their next clues, by finding scannable QR codes at several locations.

A compass-themed iphone app used GEO tagging to identify registered users and monitor their progress. Finally, at point of purchase, RFID tagging was used to send price discounts (based on scavenger hunt performance and ranking) directly to phones.

Meanwhile, if all information was gathered correctly, hardcore fans could “Pirate the Game” and play an early version online, for bragging rights.

Provided, of course, they could live with their decisions.