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Promo and Entertainment
CBS.com and TV.com

CBS.com and TV.com

CBS.com and TV.com

CBS.com, TV.com, and Intel teamed up with an idea to promote Intel’s new Core Processors and CBS comedies at the same time: Fast, Faster, and Fastest (for the processor’s different speeds) recaps of each show’s current season.

After plowing through 60-some-odd sitcom episodes, I logged all the various clips and quotes, wrote the scripts, and also got to do the voiceover. Like Intel’s Core processors, I am a triple threat.

Last I heard, and much to my surprise, the recap videos had gotten over a million hits on the CBS.com site.

Since this project many people have asked me to explain in plain English just what is happening on Two and Half Men: Is Charlie Sheen’s beachside home actually Hell? Is it an accident the characters are there, or destiny? Do the writers really know where it’s all going?

The three speeds for each show are different, not just cut down. Watch all 18 videos, or as many as you can take

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